This photo is one of our Photo Contest Winners. Taken by Myrna Flesch from Stavely, AB when she was at Paul Ferguson’s in October 2010. Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association - The Beef Builders. Click this image to send us an email.
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Birth, Weaning & Yearling Worksheets

As always, I would like to start by thanking those who have been sending in Birth Weight and Calving Ease information via the new CLRC form. This information is valuable to the breed as a whole and will improve our EPD database. However, we have decided to change the method by which we collect this information.

Another beautiful Blonde pair. Keeping Performance records is vital to the future on our breed.There are several reasons for the change, but the end result will save the Association money (fewer charges from BIO & CLRC) while providing better information for the Performance Program. We also know cost to participate in the BIO program is a factor, and this change will move us towards a lower cost alternative for our membership who would like EPD's generated on their cattle. Here are the details:

  • The CBDA will purchase a BIO membership which will allow us to enter information for all Blonde breeders ($350/year plus $1 for each cow that has a calf entered).
  • For the 2014 calf crop BW, CE, WW & YW will be collected and entered into the Performance Program to generate EPDs at no cost to the individual breeders.
  • The CBDA will provide EPD and Index reports for participating breeders.
  • Once we have a better handle on the time and costs associated with this initiative, small fees may be charged in the future.
  • Any charges will be significantly lower than paying for the full BIO program as an individual breeder.
  • If individual breeders would like full access to all BIO services they can still have their own account and enter their own information.

So what is the process? Effective immediately, we ask that you NOT fill out your complete calf information on the Information & Registration Worksheet received from CLRC unless you are registering the calf in question, or intend to at a later date. Instead, we ask those of you who wish to have your Birth Weight and Calving Ease information entered into the Performance Program to download the new forms from the CBDA Performance page, or contact Reed Rigney directly, and he will send you a new form to fill out. These can be sent and received by mail, email or fax (Please call Reed ahead if you will be faxing.) If you already keep computer records, I will also accept computer files as long as they contain all the appropriate information. We know most of our breeders collect this basic information, and would really appreciate everyone making the effort to send it in to Reed.

With this change, we are also in a position to enter Weaning Weight information for the 2014 calving season. Those who send us BW & CE information will receive a second sheet on which they can record weaning weight information this fall if they desire. Entering Weaning Weights will ensure that your sires appear in the 2015 Sire Summary, as this is a requirement for their inclusion. Additionally, if you submit WW, then you are in a position to submit YW in the spring of 2015. Blondes are a performance breed and we need to start effectively measuring performance if we wish to retain and expand our market share.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Reed Rigney.

Reed Rigney, CBDA Performance Committee Chair
Westlock, AB

Worksheet, Excel
Worksheet, PDF
Worksheet Instructions

Worksheet, Excel
Worksheet, PDF
Worksheet Instructions

Worksheet, Excel
Worksheet, PDF
Worksheet Instructions

Be sure to contact your Provincial Association for a breeder near you.
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